Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to my Blog

A little bit about me...I've been a baseball card collector since 1974, with lots of breaks. For example, I went from 1979 to about 1990 without collecting (high school and military service), as well as leaving the collecting scene completely again in the mid-90's.

I got back into collecting again in 2011 after cleaning out my house readying it for sale, and I came upon my old collection of approximately 2,000 cards. My cards went as far back as 1957 all the way to 1994. I made the decision to unload most of my old inventory and focus on a personal collection. Currently, this PC includes:

1974 Topps set (currently about 75% completed)
Philadelphia Phillies, 1948-80 (25% complete)
1971 Washington Senators (83% complete)

I also made a decision, based mainly on blaster boxes I purchased this year, to focus on 4 players to collect: Chase Utley (being the die-hard Phillies fan that I am), Andrew Bailey (he being the first MLB player to come from my high school), Zach Britton (top prospect of the Baltimore Orioles), and Jameson Taillon (#18 Prospect in MLB in 2011). These PC's could change throughout the year, meaning I will more than likely add players to my PC as the situation warrants.

I will focus mainly on Topps and Bowman, with some Upper Deck and Donruss Elite as needed. I'm still trying to understand the hype over 'game-used' cards, and although not a big autograph hound, I will look at autos of players in my PC, for collection sake.

I'm also a seller on eBay (dn43591), as a way for me to shed some of my older cards (1975-79 Topps mainly) and make a few bucks with which to build my PC.

This blog will hopefully attempt to document my attempts to complete my PC, liquidate my inventory, and comment on the industry/hobby as a whole. I also will be open to trades and/or sales if anyone is interested.

Happy reading!!

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