Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Blaster Box

So I was walking through my local Target yesterday at lunch time, and wandered over to the sports card display. I saw that they had some blaster boxes of 2011 Topps Heritage for sale, so I picked one up. I have to say I was non-plussed by what I pulled.

I did pick this, though (serial numbered 62/62):

Only one of these has sold on eBay in the past 2 weeks, $11.98 total. I did see a lot of incomplete listings, but those all started out at $9.99 plus shipping. So I decided last night to list this for 99 cents, with $1.50 shipping, in hopes that I can get some bidders and maybe get close to that $9.99 mark. We shall see.

I also pulled 2 SP's from this box - Felix Hernandez (#475) & Drew Stubbs (#487). I threw those out in the 'Bay, too, along with a few 'star' cards.

I'm interested to see if I can get anywhere close to the $19.99 retail I paid for the blaster box.

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  1. I would so bid on it if you had it available to a worldwide audience.