Friday, June 24, 2011

Gypsy Queen Retail Box

I have to first say that I absolutely LOVE this product. I bought a few blaster boxes at release, and was very pleased with what I pulled. I got some PC stuff, sold some hits, but generally wasn't going to try for the set because of the toughness. I amassed a good number of cards that I traded away over the past month or so, and I now regret it, because I really want to complete this set.

So I found a retail box of Gypsy Queen online, ordered it, and broke the box on Thursday. I was very pleased with the results; you are guaranteed one hit, a Game-used card, either a jersey or bat relic. Lucky me, I got my hit (Jacoby Ellsbury red jersey), but I also pulled a Carl Pavano card with a 13-cent stamp from 1976, with the Connecticut flag on it. The card was also numbered 9/10, a very rare card, indeed.


I also pulled a couple of bronze-framed cards numbered to 999, Nelson Cruz and Justin Morneau, and got 24 mini-cards. The base and inserts brought me to about 35% complete for the set, but I figured I'd try to sell the stamp card on eBay and recoup some of the cost if the box. I ran into a problem trying to find a value for the card, though.

Not surprising, seeing that there are only 10 of the cards in existence to begin with. On other stamp cards, though, the final sales prices fluctuated wildly, with no rhyme or reason. So I figured I'd list for half the box price, or $39.99, with free shipping, and I'd make it a 5-day auction. I could always drop the price if it doesn't sell.

I listed the card yesterday at roughly 3:15 PM, and figured I'd just ride it out. How would I have guessed that just 15 minutes later, I get an e-mail saying that my card has sold! But now I start doubting myself - it sold too fast; I must have listed it for not enough. Now I'm kicking myself - could I have listed it for $50 and made a sale?

Well, it's too late now; the card is gone. I do have a nice addition to my Paypal account, and I'm working my way towards completing my 3rd set of 2011 (2010 Bowman Platinum is done, and I need just 5 more cards for the 440-card set of 2011 Bowman).

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