Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zach Britton

When I got back into card collecting recently, I contemplated certain prospects to add to my PC. I chose Zach Britton of the Orioles as one of those for a few reasons -he's the O's #1 prospect; he was very close to the bigs; and when he got to Baltimore, I'm in their TV market, so I could follow him on TV.

Britton got his first big-league start this past Sunday, in Tampa against the Rays, and was simply dominant. And a fortunate eBayer made out like a bandit because of it.

I was pricing some Britton cards this morning, and I saw that someone had put at least 13 Britton cards on the market recently (the picture was one of them). The auctions ended last night, and this person ended up raking in over $450 for those 13 cards - a collection of Bowman colored and serial numbered autos and Donruss Elites.

I was both happy and jealous to see this. Happy because people are now recognizing Zach Britton, and jealous because this guy made a huge haul in one day, either by chance or by opportunity. Either way, I assume it's what most of us strive for as collectors, to someday make big bucks off our cardboard.

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